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News Round-up

February 15, 2011

Spring Training being Spring Training, the most interesting tidbits of news are purely fluff. But fluff is still fun, so here goes…

  • Marc Kroon seems to be fitting right in with the boys. He has a Twitter, so go say hi. Or perhaps not. Twitter might be a good place to get news, but its also really good at screwing with your baseball judgement. I mean, how on Earth are you supposed to objectively rank prospects when they’re doing things like counting down the days to Spring Training or playing video games with the fans?
  • Brian Wilson is driving an unmarked police cruiser and announcing his arrival via megaphone. What else did you expect from him?
  • Happy 27th birthday to Nate Schierholtz! In honor of that, I’ll leave you with this link, on the chance you’d like to marvel at his arm for a bit. Dude robs Phillies of doubles.
  • Its time to welcome back Jeff Kent! He’ll be joining the Giants as special assistant in Spring Training sometime in March.
  • Splashing Pumpkins linked to this via Twitter. Apparently the cool thing in San Diego right now is to spend hundreds of dollars on baseball that Mat Latos inscribed with “I hate SF!” I’m not sure whether to classify this under rude or pathetic. But I do know that Randy Winn would not approve. (They also have a response to it here. And we fully support the sentiment.)
  • Buster Posey’s first real swing in batting practice? It hit the ball 30 feet over the LF fence. Atta boy, Buster!
  • If Brandon Belt starts the year in SF, Aubrey Huff will be in left field. I assume this also means that if Belt comes up mid-season Huff will move. This, for us at least, is good news.
  • In the next chapter of the Epic Tale of Giants Hair, the ponytail has become the new standard for Tim Lincecum.
  • Speaking of Timmy…Bochy has confirmed him as the Opening Day starter (not that this really qualifies as news).  Word on the street (and from Buster Posey) is that he looked absolutely brilliant today. He also dropped this quote (which kind of makes us want to send him a basket of cookies)…: “I think sometimes fear can be the best motivation, especially in my situation. [As a child] I kind of lived by being fearful. I was always the smallest one, and whether it was football or basketball, I didn’t want to get killed or ‘stompled’ on or crushed or anything like that. It was always like, coming into the year, am I going to be able to hang with all these big guys? I want all the doubts laid to rest.” There’s more from that interview, but Baggs is doing a write-up on it (hopefully to-be posted soon), so I’ll let you catch the rest from a master.

That’s it for the night. Make sure to keep tabs on the usual people and places. Stuff is happening fast!


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