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A Moises Alou Appreciation Post

February 17, 2011

March 2006

You all know how quickly baseball conversations go off track. “Hey look? Jeff Kent is going to hang out at Spring Training!” turns into Rich Aruilia turns into J.T. Snow turns into Willie McCovey turns into Orlando Cepeda turns into Felipe Alou turns into “Whatever happened to Moises?” Or at least, it did for us.

My memories of Moises Alou are pretty vague. He had a funky batting stance and my dad liked him. I liked him too, but when it came to new Giants, I was paying more attention to Omar Vizquel. Then, in the midst of moving I ignored an off-season and poof! he was gone. At some point I realized he was with the Mets, but I didn’t pay too much attention. National League baseball is a non-topic in Seattle, and my own interest was pretty narrowly focused on the Giants, with the occasional dash of Ichiro.

Anyways, I went looking for data last night and ended up on his Wikipedia page. My first thought* was “Holy, bloody injury history! Ack!”. My second thought was “.303 batting average?  Shiny!”. Then I went to Baseball Reference. And…wow!  He was good! Not that I ever thought he was bad, but what I remembered didn’t correspond with what I was seeing on “paper”.

  • Career line: .303/.369/.516
  • 2000 (Career year – Astros): .355/.416/.623
  • 2005 (Giants!): .321/.400/.518
  • 2006 (Giants!): .301/.352/.571. He was 40! (Stat nerd fact: Average BABIP: 301. His BABIP: .277.)
  • Total WAR (via FanGraphs): 53.0

I could go on for a while here, but you can scroll through his BBR or FanGraphs pages just as easily as I can. What makes this most impressive, is that injury history. Ankle, surgery on both shoulders, torn ACL, torn quadricep muscle, hernia surgery, and finally, and sadly, a torn hamstring. We’re worried about Mark DeRosa? Ha!

Imagine what might have been if he hadn’t spent so much time on the DL or had been able to stay in center field! Because dang…dude could hit!

*Well, actually, my first thought “He has a son named Kirby? Can we draft him?”. Then I tried to find a screencap of Nintendo Kirby in Mario Super Sluggers, but apparently Kirby isn’t in that game. Booooo!

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