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Today’s News Dump

February 17, 2011

Apologies for the brevity and lack of witty and erudite commentary tonight, but between busy schedules and me feeling like I may die at any moment (or at least like I’m getting the plague that has been going around work), we’re stretched a little thin.  But because we love you, and there are a few tidbits from yesterday worth pointing out as well as today, here we go anyway!

  • In the midst of his run-down of yesterday’s reporting on Lincecum and Wilson’s injuries, Mychael Urban gave us a piece of much welcomed news about Madison Bumgarner. “His cross-body throwing motion, which has prompted whispers of concern about his long-term health, seems a little less pronounced.”  This is excellent news, given the huge increase in IP Bum saw least season (141.1 in ’09 compared to 213.4 last year).
  • Aside from the baby bull sighting, Urban also commented that a certain Panda of our acquaintance was looking energetic and confident on the field.  Yet another point for us to be gleefully optimistic about as Giants fans.
  • Today Urban had a brief talk with Brandon Belt.  Refraining from too much NyQuil induced commentary, except to say that I am seriously bemused by the fact that his carpooling arrangements were a topic of conversation.
  • Jon Wertheim over at SI had a sit-down with Brian Wilson that is definitely worth reading.  It’s all quotable, as we’ve come to expect, but this one in particular resonates with everything we love about this team.
    “All I want is to be a good teammate and be known as a hard worker and that’s it. “Oh, he could a throw a mean fastball.” Guess what? A lot of guys can throw a mean fastball — strikeouts have been done before. Winning the World Series? Great, but there’s one every year, nothing new. But how was he as a guy in the clubhouse? Did he prepare himself? Work out well? At the end of my career, if that can be said, I’ve done my job.”
  • More Mychael Urban Flip cam vid of Lincecum and Zito.  Shallow commentary: Timmy was not rocking the ponytail, but Zeets is sporting the high and striped socks.  If I didn’t know better I’d say he was trying to buy our love.  Actual baseball commentary: Extension looks beautiful on Lincecum and Zito has apparently made a small change to go back to the form he was comfortable with earlier in his career.  If by “earlier in his career” Urban means “when he won the Cy Young” I am all for this.
  • Bagg’s rundown is a must-watch as usual, but a few highlights.
  • Timmy was back for his scheduled throw and looked to be in great form.  Wilson on the other hand was held out of workouts for another day with continued back problems.  He’s not scheduled for an MRI at this point, so it seems to just be a flare up of the same back problems he’s had on and off for the past couple of seasons.  At this point, all the powers that be are saying it’s not anything to be concerned about, so we’re going to attempt to take that advice.
  • Aubrey Huff told reporters that the rally thong has officially been retired.  Farewell, rally thong.  Long live your memory!
  • Torres, Rowand and Schierholtz have all arrived for workouts.  Of particular note is Nate Schierholtz.  Apparently the right shoulder he jammed making that diving catch against the Phillies last year bothered him more than he let on, driving him to spend his off-season focused on rehabbing that injury.  Nate’s a favorite around here, so I’m definitely hoping that resolving this lingering shoulder problem will help his offensive production and keep him off the trading block.
  • Check out the column for more details. As always, worth a read.
  • Also worth checking out is Baggs’ feature piece on Barry Zito.  Say what you will about his contract or his performance in the second half of last season, the guy is classy.

That’s it for tonight!  As always, thanks for reading, and please send J.T. Snow to say something nice at my funeral when I die of this plague.

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