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News Dump – Spring Training Day 5

February 18, 2011

Wait…day 5? When did that happen? Last time I checked it was Monday morning and the only thing making me drag myself out of bed was the thought that “Baseball…*yawn*…umph…is…uh…*yaaaaaaaaawn*…back!” And now the first full squad workout is tomorrow and position players have already officially reported? Oh! But um, news! Yes, news! Sorry…its Friday night and I still have a paper waiting for me. I’m a little out of it. Anyways…

  • Woah! I just went to CSN looking for and article and ran into a bunch of new videos. I won’t link to all of them individually. Just go here and start clicking around. There’s Pablo, Buster, Tejada (“Here I am, I’m ready to be a champion.”), Timmy, and even Willie Mays! Say hey!
  • Speaking of Willie Mays, both him and Will Clark were in Scottsdale today! Sweet deal for the kids, huh? And new-comer Marc Kroon appreciated it.
  • In not-so-good news, Eli Whiteside will be sidelined for the next couple of days. His right elbow was bugging him so he went in for an MRI. Supposedly its nothing serious and he’ll be good to go by the end of the weekend. Still, he’s been added to our “cookie list”, and we’d really, really like it if that list was shorter.
  • Brian Wilson was back on the field however, so that’s good to hear! He didn’t throw a bullpen session, but he did play catch. Hopefully things will get back to normal on that front by tomorrow.
  • Matt Cain makes funny faces. The caption says he was playing long toss. So maybe that frown is at Timmy? (Pure speculation.)
  • However, its hard to trust SFGate captions when they say things like “Nate Schierholtz (left) and Aubrey Huff had a field to themselves as they played catch.” Nate must have thrown the ball from the other side of the field and then outrun it so he could stand next to Huff while posing for the picture…
  • Grant from McCovey Chronicles fished this list out of Baseball Reference. File it under “reasons why Buster Posey is awesome”. Yeah, I know, that drawer is overflowing. We’ll have to get Buster his own cabinet soon.
  • Let’s wander into the world of ex-Giants for a moment…Joe Martinez has been bumped off the 40-man roster and down to AAA by the Indians. This news generated many sad faces on our end. I wish Sabean could have gotten him back. If Joey is going to be on a AAA roster then we want him in Fresno.
  • I’ve been disillusioned! Apparently, Ehire Adrianza hasn’t been running his Twitter. Its his dad.
  • Ryan Howard hasn’t watched the final pitch of the NLCS. And doesn’t plan to. I probably wouldn’t either if I was him, but part of me can’t help but hope they show a replay on the Jumbotron when the Phillies are in SF.
  • Weight isn’t everything of course, but for what its worth, Pablo is doing really dang good. Woo!
  • I’m sure I forgot something, so here’s the notes from Baggs. They’re always worth a read anyways.

That paper is now poking me in the ribs, as its due in 2 and half hours, so I’m off for the night. Can’t wait to see everyone out on the field together tomorrow!

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