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News Dump – Days 5 and 6

February 20, 2011

These last two days its been sunny in Seattle and raining in Scottsdale. What’s with that? I suppose I should take full advantage of being able to laugh at the baseball world now, because the sun probably won’t show itself again until July. So, ha, Spring Training! Hahaha! I got to play catch in the sun and you didn’t! On a side note, that first time you dig your glove out of your closet is brutal, isn’t it (at least for those of us who don’t throw all winter)? You spend the first half dozen throws being terrible because your arm has to remember what its doing, and the last half dozen catches wincing because the ball missed the basket of your glove too many times. Ow!

But I know no one comes here for my baseball playing adventures, so I’ll get on with the real news…

  • Ryan Vogelsong, the instigator of dozens of “What is this? 2001?” comments, dropped a couple of sappy gems in an interview. “I’ve been trying to get back here since I got traded. I loved it here so much,” Vogelsong said. And also this: “[Vogelsong received a competing offer from the Dodgers. But his decision came easily.] ‘I was like, I just can’t wear Dodger blue.'”
  • Non-Giants related: There’s some fun going on in the clubhouse from the other side of the Bay. Dallas Braden prepared a special welcome for Hideki Matsui here. The subsequent reaction is here. For the record, the A’s are my (unofficial) bet to win the AL West.
  • When we read “Even if the Giants solve it temporarily by starting with 11 pitchers, perhaps optioning Madison Bumgarner to begin at Triple-A Fresno…” in a Bagg’s post this morning, we assumed it was speculation on his part and mostly, after a few caps-heavy IM’s, let it go. Then these Tweets, here and here, turned up from Schulman, and the capital letters returned in earnest. NO, BOCHY! Madison Bumgarner has earned a spot in the starting rotation. Keep him there! If an extra roster spot is needed that badly, shouldn’t whoever gets that last bullpen spot have to wait in Fresno? Not Bum! Hmmph. We’re still grumbling. Can you tell?
  • Baggs had a chat with Edgar Renteria today. To quote: “I always have a good feeling about the Giants. Nobody thought we were going to be World Series champs. But you see how we stayed together.” So, happily ever after? I guess?
  • Live batting practice! How do these things end up so far down on the list? As you’ve probably heard by now, Timmy tore through Burrell, Huff, and DeRosa, and Sandoval hit a couple of home runs off a minor leaguer. We now have this image in our heads of a table in the clubhouse with a sign over it that reads  “High Stakes Spring Training Poker: Determine Your Fate in BP!” Why else is DeRosa hitting off Timmy and Posey off a career minor leaguer?
  • Nate Schierholtz will play all three outfield spots but Aaron Rowand will be sticking to center field. Do I really need to tell you what’s wrong with the scenario? Probably not. Suffice to say that Rowand is rapidly losing favor on our end.
  • Splashing Pumpkins has a Top 10 Prospect list out. Good stuff, and its a little different.

That’s all I’ve got before I fall into general grumbling. Its been a grumbly sort of night in regards to baseball. Blame Sabean and Bochy.

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