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Last Day Before ST Games News Dump!

February 25, 2011

Hello again, everyone!  It’s been a slow-ish few days on the news front, but we do have a few bits and pieces to share, so on we go!

  • Sabes let slip this morning to Murph and Mac, and Bochy confirmed later today, that Jonathan Sanchez will be this season’s No. 2 starter.  The rotation is set to be Lincecum, Sanchez, Cain, Zito, Bumgarner, and Bochy confirmed that they are going to run with a five man rotation even early in the spring when the schedule would make going with four possible.  As things stand, Timmy will get to open at Chavez Ravine, Sanchez will get opening day at AT&T when the World Series flag gets raised for the first time, and Matty will get opening night when the guys will be presented with their rings.  Works for us.
  • CSN mentioned tonight that Rich Aurilia is headed to Scottsdale to join Spring Training as another special assistant, along with Will Clark, Jeff Kent, and our favorite J.T. Snow.  Add Robb Nen and Kirk Rueter to the party and all our Giants dreams have come true.
  • The annual intrasquad match, featuring mostly minor leaguers, was today.  The lineup for the creatively named Team A was as follows: CF Brown, 2B Burriss, LF Neal, 1B Eldred, RF Peguero, 3B Noonan, C Sanchez, SS Adrianza, DH Williams.  Team B: CF Ford, 2B Culberson, 1B Belt, C Joseph, LF Evans, 3B Gillaspie, SS Crawford, RF Perez, DH Stewart.  It sounds like it was a bit of a rough outing for the guys, especially defensively, but there were some bright moments in, among others, a solid single and a nice recovery on a deflected ball from Belt and two hits from Crawford, which was especially good to hear with the concerns about Crawford’s offensive strength.  Thanks to Baggs and Hank Schulman for the play by play on Twitter!
  • Speaking of Brandon Crawford, we heard from our friends at 24 Days of Magic that he has apparently joined buddy Eric Surkamp’s fanclub.  Alright Crawford, just keep it up, you’re climbing our list of favorites awfully quickly like that.
  • Baggs also has the lineup for tomorrow’s first ST game against the DBacks.  Bochy says that is pretty close to what he’ll be wanting to put on the field for opening day against the Dodgers (Beat LA), with the likely exception of DeRosa in for Sanchez at 2B (Sanchez is still waiting a day or two until he’s fully cleared to play after his off-season shoulder surgery) and Ishikawa in for Huff at 1B (Huff is nursing a bit of a sore wrist but took BP and should be good to go for Saturday).  Based on this, Burrell seems to be the front runner for the LF spot, which seems reasonable to us, at least until Huff has to vacate first for Belt.
  • Madison Bumgarner on the GCast today.  Britt doesn’t quite have the heart to tell him that the weather in NC has been mostly beautiful since the guys got to AZ.
  • CSN had a quick talk with Brandon Belt.  Incredibly calm, mature, well-reasoned answers.  He has a certain Buster-ish-ness about his responses to leading questions, which we love to watch and yet certainly drives reporters nuts.
  • Murph and Mac had Matt Cain on this morning.  Matty was his usual totally self-deprecating and completely adorable self.  He is very excited about Cars 2.  Just thought you’d want to know that.
  • In our continuing attempt to bring you the news you wouldn’t find anywhere else, one last tidbit: Justin Fitzgerald made chicken parmigiana from scratch for his mom.  Our prospects are a multi-talented bunch, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!  He throws a mean fastball, he cooks, he grew up a Giants fan, and he’s a genuinely super-nice kid.  Also he’s an Aggie, which gets him bonus points from Britt.  Talk about intangibles!
  • On a much more serious note, our namesake J.T. Snow and his family have started a charity to raise awareness for Wolfram Syndrome, a little known genetic disorder that J.T.’s niece and god-daughter Raquel was diagnosed with late last year.  Any of you who remember J.T.’s time with the Giants will certainly remember the Snow Pack program and other charity work that he selflessly devoted time to, and this is another truly worthy cause that is very close to the entire Snow family’s hearts.  We’re working on something to try and raise some money for the Snow Man Fund, but in the meantime, take a read through the site, get informed, and please consider donating if you can.

That’s all for tonight.  Thanks again for reading, and rest assured we’ll have more in the days to come!

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