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News and Notes: Giants over Rockies 7-5, Romo’s new family, Buster helps with the gardening at Salt River Fields, and we still worry about Matt Cain.

March 3, 2011

Your 2010 World Champion San Francisco Giants won today’s game against the Rockies, to bring their Cactus League record to 5-2. Up until the eighth it was a pleasantly non-torturous outing with little bullshit, juiced ball or otherwise, and then the stars returned to their appropriate alignment, the Rockies managed four runs that inning and another in the ninth, and the soothing hush of familiarity fell across the land as it turned into a two run game by the end. Honestly, it was kind of reassuring for it to end up being just a little bit torturous. Reminded us we’re not in an alternate dimension, ya know? That said, just a few bits from the game.

  • Some slick defense by Charlie Culberson and a HR for Darren Ford were some stand-outs for us today. One of the best parts of Spring Training is having the opportunity to be surprised and excited by what are, in all honesty, not things that would be attention getting in the context of a regular season game. Good on ya, guys, keep it up.
  • Alex Hinshaw did not have a particularly good run, but he avoided his typical curse of the walk. That’s his focus this spring, according to Baggs, and I have to at least appreciate the attention. If there’s ever a time for Hinshaw to step it up and show he can make the adjustments necessary, it’s now.
  • Ryan Vogelsong could be emerging as a legit candidate to earn a roster spot if he continues to go the way he has been.  This is particularly reassuring given that Elbowmageddon is continuing to give us palpitations. Vogelsong went three scoreless innings today and earned some pretty high praise from Buster Posey. Buster’s calming influence is helping us more than the pitching staff at this point, I think.
  • Speaking of Mr. Rookie of the Year, despite the definite leaning towards defense we both have, it’s hard to ignore him crushing it to dead center and into the upper tiers of the greenery in the batter’s eye. Estimates put the actual final resting place of the lucky ball that got to take that trip at about the 450 mark. Damn. It is at this point in the evening that I walk away before I have a crisis of faith at loving a Seminole. I hate the ‘Noles only less than I hate the Dodgers. Aside from Buster, of course.
  • Jim Tracy had a comment that is worth a good chuckle.  “It’s safe to say Buster Posey is a pretty good player.” Yes, Mr. Tracy, yes it is. It is also safe to say that water is wet, air is what we breathe, ducks quack, and the Dodgers are in fact what causes global warming.

And now a couple non-game related items.

  • Brian Wilson apparently had a very good BP throw today and looks good to make his Cactus League debut potentially this weekend. One less thing for all of us to worry about.
  • Per Baggs, the line-ups for tomorrow’s split squad are as follows:
    Afternoon game vs. Milwaukee:
CF Rowand, 2B Sanchez, 1B Huff, SS Tejada, LF Burrell, 3B DeRosa, RF Schierholtz, C Stewart, P Suppan. (Belt, Runzler, Affeldt, Mota, Ramirez and S. Casilla also on the list to stay.) 

    Night game vs. Dodgers at Camelback Ranch:
CF Ford, SS Fontenot, 3B Sandoval, C Posey, RF Ross, 1B Ishikawa, DH Eldred, LF Neal, 2B Burriss, P Zito. (Tanner scheduled to follow, and then minor leaguers.)

    We’re thrilled to see Rowand starting at CF. And leading off. Again. There’s a post coming on this, rest assured. Please bring your own cutlery to slice the sarcasm.

  • Great piece on Sergio Romo from the big boys at MLB. Not to get too sappy, but this is why we’re Giants fans. If you haven’t read the article yet, get some tissues handy and settle yourself somewhere that won’t be embarrassing before you click that link.
  • No further news about Matt Cain, but you can well believe that the second there is anything, you’ll all know. In the meantime there are some candles I need to light, some chants to try out, and a set of worry dolls waiting for me.

That’s all for us for tonight. As always our sincere thanks for reading and drop us a line here or email or Twitter with anything, especially anything to add to my ongoing tragic list of “players who are legit prospects and/or already in the majors who beat the crap out of my high school team”, which is to say most high schools in the East Bay.

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