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News and Notes: Giants 7 – Brewers 2, Giants 5 – Dodgers 3, prospects go yard, beard-pen birthday, together we’re still Giant, and Elbowmageddon Day 3.

March 5, 2011

First on today’s split squad outings.

  • Brandon Belt slammed his first HR against the Brewers this afternoon, to which there was much rejoicing.  The HR came in an inning that bears the dubious distinction of being started and ended by Aaron Rowand.  Yup, check the play by play, Rowand was in fact the first AND third outs.  No further comment, but oh ho ho there will be.
  • Buster Posey, not to be outdone, decided that an opposite-field HR on a 3-2 count was the appropriate next move in what we would not be disappointed to learn is the Belt vs. Posey Home Run Derby portion of Spring Training 2011.
  • Thomas Neal also collected his first HR, and put in a good showing all around.  Emmanuel Burriss and Darren Ford pulled off a sweet double steal, which Baggs assures us was missing only the track batons.  We enjoy the vroom.
  • Andres Torres was back on the field today and put in a solid five innings at CF.  And there was much rejoicing.
  • Barry Zito put in a solid three innings, and Jeff Suppan put in another scoreless showing.  See tonight’s other post for more on Zeets.

Other bits and bobs.

  • Happy birthday to ninja beard slider champion Sergio Romo (and beard)!
  • The new commercial proves that 1) these guys are totally lovable and 2) we will not be able to deny the Fu ever happened, because it is now preserved for posterity in something we’ll be watching on TV all season.
  • Elbowmageddon Day 3 – Matt Cain is likely to play some light catch tomorrow, in what would be the first time he’s picked up a ball since his start on Sunday.  We are still at internal threat level “70s Kitchen Appliance Harvest Gold”.

That is about all for tonight!  We are both very glad that we don’t have to listen to the KABC broadcasts with any regularity because we’re still feeling a bit like we’re covered in Dodger cooties.  Miller, Flem, Kruk and Kuip have us very spoiled.  Check back over the weekend for more, and enjoy your weekend!

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