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Welcome Back, Baseball!

March 31, 2011

I wasn’t able to catch the whole game, but I did manage to sneak about 5 minutes of KNBR coverage (in Seattle) on the way home tonight. Sadly, it was just enough to learn that the Giants had lost.

Let’s face it, no matter what spin I put on this, losing sucks. Losing to the Dodgers really sucks.

But it is said that baseball is about dealing with failure, and I figure that applies to the fans as well as the players. Us Giants fans have been riding a high for quite a while now. We saw our boys clinch the division, then the NLDS, then the NLCS, and finally, the World Series. They even went on a tear for the first bit of Spring Training, and they ended exhibition games by sweeping Oakland. The ridiculous, foolish, silly idea that a team could somehow go 162-0 was starting to creep into people’s heads. A team can’t go 162-0, of course. This is baseball. If you fail 70% of the time, you might make the Hall of Fame. If a team loses 60 games, they’re amazing.

I guess we’ve all been brought back down to earth a little bit. The Giants might have won the World Series, but that doesn’t mean there won’t still be one-run losses, sloppy defense, and stupid mistakes. Welcome back, baseball.

There isn’t really any reason to freak-out (well, maybe its okay to worry about Miguel Tejada a little). Stash the doom and gloom away for a few months. Brandon Belt played brilliantly. The velocity on Tim Lincecum’s fastball was up. Cody Ross will be back soon (knock on wood) to bring up the outfield defense. And hey, we could still go 161-1!

Now go to your email and look for the Postgame Alert, or find a picture from today with people in NOT Spring Training uniforms, or listen to interviews. Baseball is back. And it’ll be here tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that. 161 more chances. Its time to settle in for the season, friends. Win or lose, its impossible to be unhappy about that.

Good night. And BEAT LA.

P.S. Orlando Cepeda has a Twitter. ORLANDO CEPEDA. Hall of Famer, MVP, Rookie of the Year ORLANDO CEPEDA. Be wowed.

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