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News and Notes: We Still Hate PETCO Park, the Brandon Belt files, fundraisers for beaten Giants fan Bryan Stow

April 5, 2011

In case you missed it with the obnoxious 3:35pm start time, the Giants lost to the Padres 3-1 today, in what I wish I could say was anything other than totally typical of what happens when we venture to San Diego.  There was a series of ridiculous calls, mostly involving pitches that were distinctly not called strikes when thrown by Madison Bumgarner but were mysteriously and inexplicably called strikes when being thrown to Buster Posey with the bases loaded.  My desk has a dent in it and I have a headache.  In conclusion, this pretty much sums up how we feel.

In happier news, how about some discussion of how wonderful Brandon Belt is!

  • John Klima of the LA Times (yes, you read that right) extolls the virtues of our young and already much beloved first baseman in what is really more of a love letter to the scouting talents of Doug Mapson, who well deserves it.
  • The fine folks at Fangraphs (I had to use that alliteration on a Madison “FFFFFFFFFF” Bumgarner start day) discuss, among other things, Belt’s amazing value given his paltry signing bonus compared to earlier picks from his draft class that have yet to make their big league debuts.  That $200,000 is nothing if he turns out to be even half the ballplayer he shows every sign of being.
  • Splashing Pumpkins has a great piece on Brandon Belt and plate discipline and other players’ performance in their first year.  Moral of the story: BBR’s Play Index tool puts Belt in some pretty impressive company.

On a serious note, there are several fundraisers upcoming to assist critically injured Giants fan Bryan Stow.  A barbecue is scheduled for tomorrow from noon to 8:00pm at the AMR headquarters in San Jose, and Old Pro Sports Bar and Grill in Palo Alto will be donating 25% of all sales between 11:00am and 1:30pm on Friday.  Check here for specifics and for information on other ways to donate.

Less seriously but distressingly for us, Baggs confirmed shortstop prospect and personal favorite Brandon Crawford will miss the first three weeks of his season with the AAA Fresno Grizzlies with a broken left index finger.  Crawford missed most of last summer with a broken right hand, so we’re not sure whether to be thankful this time it was his left or not, considering he bats left and throws right.  Toolsy outfielder Francisco Peguero will also be out until late May/early June after having knee surgery.  Get well soon, both of you.

On the subject of injuries, looks like Santiago Casilla is likely headed to the DL with elbow inflammation.  Considering Wilson is set to come off the DL tomorrow, this puts the roster movements in an interesting spot.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Also courtesy of Baggs, Tim Lincecum is rocking the high socks tomorrow.  A Timmy start and the power of the high socks?  We’re looking forward to it.

One final geeky moment.  One of my best friends saw this and linked me to it like the wonderful human being she is (love ya, Sara) and I simultaneously laughed and cheered.  Reasons why the save button in word processing applications should be changed to a homeplate icon.  There’s a compelling argument, and I’d enjoy the opportunity to yell “safe!” periodically while I wrote.

We’ve facepalmed quite a bit already since Opening Day, but we were prepared for a tough start with a long road trip like this, so we’re not worrying much.  Baseball season is a marathon and it’s time to settle in for the long haul.

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