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Things We Learned Watching The Franchise – April 13 Edition

April 14, 2011

The preview of The Franchise: A Season With the San Francisco Giants aired last night, and we admit, we enjoyed it like a kid enjoys birthday cake; completely without guilt for its lack of redeeming nutritional value.

We’re going to try to do this for every episode, but here’s a few tidbits we picked up this week.

  • Marc Kroon is going to earn a lot of fans from this. We already know he’s a talented guy on the mound, but his personality and story really have a chance to win people over. On a totally selfish level, it’d be nice to have some time following him in Fresno if it meant we got some cameos from some of our favorite minor leaguers who are also doing their time in Fresno this year.
  • Andres Torres has some moves. I would go salsa dancing him with him anytime, anywhere.
  • Add Freddy Sanchez to the “married his high school/college sweetheart” list. I’m not normally a sucker for that, but I’m already a little bit in love with Freddy and his family.
  • Brandon Belt was not lying even a little bit when he said he started crying when Bruce Bochy told him he made the team. I hereby officially, on the record, in the unending annals of the internet, admit that Alex Pavlovic is right and Belt Melt is happening.
  • Related, Bochy’s response to someone crying is apparently “there’s a couch, here’s a beer”. I think I approve.
  • Mark DeRosa has some hair related jealousy, I think. Tim Lincecum continues to deny he’s cool. Cool in many senses you may not be, Timmy, but overall I would definitely give you cool.
  • Aubrey Huff looked online to find out that it was Brandon Belt and Dan Runzler who helped Pat Burrell put the tape outline in RF at Dodger Stadium. Bets on which beat writer he got it from?
  • Barry Zito‘s reputation as being the zen master is apparently going to be perpetuated, given his label as the “spiritual southpaw”. Great quote from him though (I imagine via someone else, but still) that “anger is frustrated love”. He then immediately goes on to say that they’re just “regular dudes”, instantly reminding everyone that he’s from So Cal.
  • Brian Wilson‘s new catch phrase?  “GOT HEEEM!”  He gave the following example.  “Hey sweet shoes, bro. [beat] No actually they’re terrible. [beat] GOT HEEEM!”  Current debate is how many e’s are necessary to accurately represent Wilson’s pronunciation.

In general the voice over feels excessively dramatic for the this crowd of hooligans. It’ll be interesting to see how that may change as time goes on. Certainly there’s a lot of drama and intensity surrounding a bid to repeat as World Series champs, but that’s not the vibe you really expect out of this team.  Also interesting to note which players were the focus. Not sure if that’ll change a lot as the season goes on, but I hope it means that the guys who would really rather not have a ton of attention are going to primarily be left alone.

All in all, we’re excited to see more, but that’s no surprise. Ultimately, we’ll take nearly anything with more of a chance to watch these guys on and off the field.

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