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Zito to DL, Vogelsong up, the universe is strange.

April 17, 2011

On Friday, Ryan Vogelsong is scheduled to start against the Braves at AT&T, while Barry Zito will be continuing to nurse a sprained foot that fortune not so fortunately threw his way last night while trying to field a bunt against the Diamondbacks.  As Zeets himself said, “it’s weird all around.”

It’s a fluke injury on a play that was just all around, well, weird.  It’s also the catalyst that makes Ryan Vogelsong a San Francisco Giant for the first time since July of 2001, when he was dealt to Pittsburgh for Jason Schmidt.  Combine the two and you have the sort of freaky, lightning in a bottle confluence of events that can be what makes baseball so much fun and so gut wrenching to watch.

Vogelsong may not start Friday if he’s needed in relief against the Rockies earlier in the week, which is certainly a possibility given the workout the bullpen has had the past few games.  He may start and not make a huge splash.  But it’s hard not to think just for a minute of the “what ifs”.  Vogelsong has been pitching well so far in Fresno, with 17Ks over 11 1/3IP in two starts, after a spring that certainly got our attention.  And at a time when Zito’s velocity is increasingly coming into question and something just feels off about his performance, maybe this is what everyone needs.  Zito has some time to hopefully figure out what is keeping him from performing the way he could be while his foot heals, and Vogelsong gets another chance to show the organization what he’s capable of doing and maybe come out of it a bit of a hero.  At a time when our starters of the future are still at Richmond and San Jose, we need guys like Ryan Vogelsong more than ever, because these are the situations you can’t prepare for other than to have the talent there to call on if you need it.

We’re rooting for you, Ryan.

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