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Series Wrap-Up: Giants Take Rockies 2 of 3, Drop Final as Matt Gets (Sort Of) Cain’d

April 21, 2011

Given our schedules, it’s nearly impossible to watch and post thoughts on every game, but we thought an overall wrap-up of each series was a good compromise, so this is the first installment of said.  Let us know what you think and keep an eye out for more as the season goes on.

April 18, Giants 8 – Rockies 1
Lincecum vs. Rogers

Just look at that score and enjoy it for a minute.  Considering we went into this series with some inconsistent but improving performances and the Rockies went in pretty much dominating all comers, it’s hard to be anything but pleased with the results from this game.

Tim Lincecum was dealing, utterly filthy, and flirted with a no-no.  Ah but that’s just Timmy being Timmy, amirite?  In all seriousness, this was vintage ’09 Cy Young Timmy plus.  He’s got control with all of his pitches, his velocity is hitting 93-95 consistently, and he is now tied at 28 games with Christy Mathewson for most games with at least 10Ks by a Giant.  Ryan Vogelsong came in for relief and acquitted himself well.  Keep it up, Tweety!

It was a long ball heavy night, with a four run first inning, but by far the highlight for us was Nate Schierholtz’s 467′ bomb into the third deck, which just happened to drop within feet of his younger brother Vai, who was only able to see that one game during the series in Colorado.  Way to rep the 925 there, Nate. And I’ll refrain from ever saying anything similar to that again.

April 19, Giants 6 – Rockies 3
Sanchez vs. Jimenez

Dirty was typically Sanchezian, which is to say there were a fair number of Ks, maybe a few too many BBs, too many pitches, and some truly filthy stuff.  Wilson came in for the save and dominated, which I think erased the last lingering doubts about his reliability early this season.  Dude’s a beast, we’re content to accept that and enjoy his magic orange Nikes and that sweet little backdoor cutter.  Also Jimenez was… not as advertised.  We’re not so foolish as to expect to get quite this lucky next time we face him, but our hitters had his number in a much bigger way than we expected.

Strong showing offensively, with a couple nicely hit bombs and, maybe more interestingly, a nicely legged out triple by Mike Fontenot, assisted by some magic, we’re pretty sure.

April 20, Giants 2 – Rockies 10
Cain vs. De La Rosa

We were due for this game, because we had been playing like we forgot we were playing the Rockies at Coors Field and, well, that illusion can only last for so long. We can’t even say that Matt Cain got Cain’d because, sadly, the pitching wasn’t any better than the (lack of) offense. There was a little bit of bad luck, and for once Freddy Sanchez didn’t make the play that would later be GIF’d and spread across the internet, but Cain was getting lit up, and he’s probably lucky it wasn’t worse. No one is perfect, we suppose. Cody Ross made his triumphant return, in which he was offensively a bit less than triumphant but was all smiles and certainly brought some happiness, and that’s about all that can be said positively about this game.

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