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Series Preview: Mets

May 3, 2011

In an effort to give you something other than a long, irritated rant about how terrible this team has looked recently (Minus the pitching. Mostly.), we went and asked Kerel from On The Black a few questions about the Mets. Here goes…

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First off, what are your general feelings about the team and how they’ve been playing?  

  • Before the season started, I said that the Mets were a low 80 win team which means they’ll be around.500. I think thus far they have played like a .500 team. They have been a bit streaky so far this year.

Is there a player that doesn’t get very much attention, or perhaps one that gets too much attention, that you think we’ll be surprised by? 

  • I don’t think there are any players that get too much or too little attention. A lot of the talk this season will be about the future of Jose Reyes and weather or not he will be on this team next year. I expect that talk to continue throughout the summer, up until the trade deadline.

It seems like every time we turn around some Giants fan or another is either thinking or hoping that Brian Sabean does a deal for Jose Reyes. We’re not necessarily fans of the idea ourselves, but what would it take for you to say yes to trading Reyes away?

  • First let me say that I hope the Mets find a way to keep Jose Reyes but if they do trade him I want to see them get a lot back for him. I would expect the Mets receiving some good pitching in the deal would be key.

The Giants have the better record and they’re the World Series Champions, but they’re now hitting .241/.300/.375 and have been shut out three times by mediocre pitchers in the last week. The pitching is faring significantly better, but they can’t do everything. How do you like your chances?

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if either team took 2-3. I don’t think either team will sweep (neither team is playing well enough right now). If the Mets are going to win 2-3 then they have to get the first one with Dickey pitching. Both Capuano and Pelfrey have struggled lately so I cant see the Mets winning both games 2 and 3 of the series.

Could you share a favorite Mets memory with us? (We liked this answer…)

  • This isn’t my all-time favorite memory but recently it would probably be game 1 of the 2006 NLDS series against the Dodgers. That was the last Mets playoff game which I attended and the Mets won that game. I can still remember Shea Stadium rocking that day.

And finally, what are you looking forwards to most about this year? Any prospects coming up or players you’re waiting to see break out?

  • I’m looking forward to watching young players like Ike Davis and Josh Thole continue to grow. Both homegrown players which I think will be key players in the Mets future.

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Many thanks to Kerel for the time! And hopefully this series will go better than the last one! Optimism!

Hey, I’m trying…

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