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Pseudo-Series Wrap-Ups: Vs. Pirates, Nationals, Mets, Giants go .500

May 5, 2011

We were all set to sit down and write a wrap-up summary of this blessedly now finished road trip, but I kind of just want to say “meh” and put it behind us and pretend it’s just a dim memory as we ride May into bigger and better things.

It could have been worse. Going 5-5 on a ten day road trip with several guys on the DL isn’t a terrible thing. Being four and a half games out of first place and ahead of the Dodgers isn’t a bad thing. But there was still something unsettling about most of the past ten days in Giants land.

So, let’s just wrap it up in a couple of bullet points.

  • The offense needs to stop sucking.
  • Miguel Tejada is so far off the cookie list it’s not even in the same hemisphere.
  • But hey, Tim Lincecum now owns the record for most double digit K games by a Giant, beating Christy Mathewson with less than 1/4 of the games started as Mathewson had by career end.

And I have a feeling there was more but here, just go click on this link. It’s more fun than thinking about this road trip.  You’ll thank me later.

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