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May 6, 2011

We can hardly write anything about Willie Mays that hasn’t already been said once, or twice, or a million other times. We’re too young to have seen him play. We’ve never met him. But if there’s one player who is the Giants, its Mays. Whoever the star of the team at the time, whoever is currently the face of the franchise, whatever crazy things they do on TV, Willie Mays is and will always be the heart of this franchise.

That’s amazing. The greatest player in the world, and he’s ours. He’s at the park, he’s at the clubhouse, he’s with the trophy, he’s messing with rookies, talking to kids…and sitting in Cooperstown there’s a plaque inscribed with “Willie Howard Mays Jr.” Above those words is a face, and a hat, and on that hat is an SF logo. Its kind of mind blowing, really. So…

Happy birthday, Mr. Mays,
And may there be many more.
We love you.

Links (Will edit more in as they come.) features
Dan Brown for the SJ Mercury News
John Shea for the SF Chronicle
Grant Brisbee for McCovey Chronicles
Photo collection from Sports Illustrated
Joe Posnanski
for Sports Illustrated
Grant Cohn for CSN Bay Area
Howard Bryant for ESPN
The Feast of Willie the Greatest – FanGraphs
El Lefty Malo – A Shout Out for Mays Field
Willie mays and the children of the Bay Area – SF Chronicle (added at 3:20 pm)

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