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Rosterbating in May? What’s wrong with us?!

May 8, 2011

We’re in the enviable position of having too many players who could contribute in meaningful ways to the team.  I know, I know, cry me a river.  But it does legitimately place some questions on the shoulders of the powers that be over at the front office.  A few that are pressing for us.

Nate Schierholtz vs. Cody Ross:
Cody Ross, the post-season hero vs. Nate Schierholtz, defensive cannon and homegrown product.  Tough call in a lot of ways.  Tougher call when Nate has been hot and making his mark with the playing time he’s been given and Cody started the season on the DL and has been slow to pick up speed as a result.  Regardless of what happens, Cody Ross is a hero in Giants lore for years to come, I don’t think anyone could doubt that, but how much of that can be duplicated?  How much of his fall lightning can be bottled and kept for this long haul of a regular season?  I don’t think is as much a roster question at this point as it is a playing time question.  Nate was on the chopping block early in the season and may well still be, but I think the way he’s played so far he’s bought himself a lot more job security.

Andres Torres vs. Aaron Rowand:
Rowand’s been playing better than either of us initially expected, but he started last season strong as well.  Torres is arguably the better lead-off hitter and was hitting .286/.375/.393 before his injury sidelined him.  If nothing else, he can at least take a walk. The catch with Rowand is that, given his contract, we’d be hard pressed to get much for him in a trade, even without attempting to get another club to take on any of the financial obligation that’s remaining.  Does the Giants brass have the guts to DFA the guy if it’s the right call?  Hard to say.

Brandon Belt:
Belt’s still settling in in Fresno, but at what point do you have to take action on a guy putting up .429/.537/.690 with 12RBIs and 11BB on 14K in 13 games?  I’m not saying it has to happen this very second (although I wouldn’t complain if it did), but how long can we afford to put it off if he keeps hitting the way he has been?  With a shortage of lefty bats in the lineup and an offense that has been struggling (though last night’s and tonight’s games were a big step in the right direction), it’s going to become increasingly difficult to justify keeping him at AAA, especially if he adapts well to playing the corner outfield spots.

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