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Series-Wrap Up: AT&T gets EXTRA clean as Giants sweep the D-Backs.

May 12, 2011

Looking back at the series wrap-ups we wrote after the last road trip, it would be a bit hard to believe that we’d be writing this from first place in the NL West, coming off a double sweep six-game winning streak.  It would be if it were any team but this one.

Finally we’re starting to feel like the team that won the World Series is the team out there playing.  You never know who is going to get hot, you never know who may be in the starting lineup, and you just never know when you’re going to get a string of walk-off victories to take years off the lives of your fans and yet reassure us all that hey, some things never change.

Special shout-out to Nate Schierholtz, especially for this afternoon’s game featuring a throw from the right field corner to second that was utterly beastly (and made Sports Center’s top plays) and for going 3-for-4 and helping spark the slowly resurgent offense.

It’s too early to start crowing too loudly, it’s only May and there’s plenty of time for a lot of things to change, but the momentum is finally going our way and it’s an awfully sweet view, at least for the moment, from the top.

Bring it on tomorrow, Cubbies.

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