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Series Wrap-up: We Like This Sweep Better

May 23, 2011

After the first game of the last series against the Dodgers, the general consensus, at least via Twitter, seemed to be that it was the most depressing win anyone had ever seen. That might be an overstatement, thought I can’t remember a worse one, but anytime Kruk and Kuip end the show with “The Giants win, but at what cost?”, you know there was a problem.

There were no such reservations about this series sweep however, which makes everything so much more fun. It wasn’t easy by any means, but it was fun. There was the appropriate amount of swearing, raging at Bruce Bochy and Miguel Tejada, near-heart attacks, eventual cheering, and living room standing ovations. There were extra-innings, but none of the three games were quite as painful as Grant predicted, and the world didn’t end.

Some notes:

  • Manny Burriss is hitting .333/.333/.333, which might be the easiest slash line in existence to remember. So many threes! No walks. No extra base hits. But man, for someone with 3 whole at-bats he had quite the weekend (plus a Friday). 2 hits, 1 run scored, 1 RBI (driving in his best friend, nonetheless). He even played left field for the first time in the majors and was successful…on his um…one play. It was a good catch though and a good almost-play. He cannoned a near perfect throw to Buster Posey at the plate and if the catcher had held on to the ball it would likely have prevented the run from scoring.
  • Tim Lincecum is good. Really good. Really, really good. And not made of glass. Watch closely friends, especially if you’re our age. We’re watching one of the best of all time, and some day we’ll be talking about Timmy the same way our parents talk about Juan Marichal.
  • Nate Schierholtz. Do I need to elaborate? Nate freaking Schierholtz. The man is a walking defensive highlight reel, but his highlight of this series was the two-run homer to tie the game yesterday. He picked up Jeremy Affeldt, he picked up Bochy’s bad bullpen management and my oh my did he help out his own case.
  • Sergio Romo exists! Bochy remembered that Sergio Romo exists! He remembered Sergio Romo exists for two full innings. Miracle of miracles! And during those two innings, Mr. Mutton-chops did only good. His ERA is down to 1.42, his FIP to 1.01, and his xFIP to 0.70. He has a K/9 of 14.21 and a BB/9 of 0.71. For those of us without fast mental calculators, that’s a K/BB of 20.00. TWENTY.

See you tomorrow against the Fish!

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