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News and Notes: A bit of stat geekery, injury reports, and some misc. links from around the blogosphere

May 24, 2011
  • We know not all of our readers are necessarily Sabermetrically inclined, so we were thrilled with Beyond the Box Score’s UZR primer.  We’re not stat heads in the most extreme sense, but being the big defensive baseball apologists that we are, UZR comes up in conversation a lot.  Give it a read if you’re curious.
  • In other stat news, check out Fangraphs’ run down of Ultimate Base Running.  Interesting corollary to UZR, only legs instead of ARMs.  And I’m hiding from that pun now.
  • In injury news, Barry Zito threw three innings of simulated game today, plus about fifty pitches from the bullpen.  Reports from Bochy and Eli Whiteside, who caught for Zito, were that he seems to have regained at least some of the velocity and command that eluded him before his injury.  That said, caution is the word of the day and Zito will head to extended Spring Training, then on to a rehab assignment before being reactivated, which puts his ETA several weeks out still.  Echoing Baggs’ sentiments, it’s hard not to believe that the slowness to get Zito back into the rotation has a lot to do with the performances Ryan Vogelsong has been putting in.  Another few weeks of quality pitching from Vogelsong could well change the direction of his career for the long term, if that direction hasn’t been changed already.
  • In other injury updates, Pablo Sandoval has begun taking swings off a tee from the right side and Darren Ford has an injured ankle.  Ford’s ankle at this point is not being categorized as anything to worry about.
  • In non-Giants but NL West related injury news, the Rockies’ Jorge De La Rosa will undergo Tommy John surgery to repair a complete tear of his UCL.  This is a rough break, to say the least, for the Rockies.
  • Adam Foster from Project Prospect posted an excellent scouting report on Zack Wheeler, featuring a six minute gem of cut together pitch sequences.  The movement on his fastball is particularly interesting to watch.
  • Does 2009 Jeremy Affeldt exist other than as a memory?  The Crazy Crabbers says probably not, and we’re unfortunately inclined to agree.
  • In the midst of much hand wringing about Buster Posey from various corners, Bay City Ball puts forth the gutsy declaration that there’s nothing wrong with him, at least offensively.  This time we’re pleased to say that we quite agree.
  • NBC Bay Area reports that Barry Bonds has donated to pay for the college educations of the children of critically injured Giants fan Bryan Stow.  Say what you will about our former slugger, that’s a classy move.
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