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Series Wrap-up(s): Marlins, Brewers

May 29, 2011

Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam. 

I hardly remember those three games against the Florida Marlins, to be honest. The Giants lost. Buster Posey was hurt. The Giants lost. Find me a worse series. Maybe there is some redeeming value in Aubrey Huff finally coming through to tie a game in the 9th, or in Ryan Vogelsong throwing eight innings of one run ball, but I’m not seeing it.

Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam. 

There are bigger problems though, than San Francisco going 1-5 against the Marlins and the Brewers. Bruce Bochy‘s managing has been…well…not good. Awful, actually. He’s put LOOGY’s in for ROOGY’s, mop-up men in high leverage situations, and he still seems to think that Sergio Romo is due to implode and somehow single-handedly cost the team the season any moment now. While we were busy panicking, Splashing Pumpkins had the presence of mind to analyze what was perhaps his most crucial mistake. Go give it a read.

Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam.

If there is a worse mistake than the above, it’s this one.

With the team short on versatile players, Belt will be used off the bench and in double-switches while making occasional starts at first base and the outfield, Bochy said. Although Bochy said first baseman Aubrey Huff could benefit from occasional breaks, he made it clear he wouldn’t give Belt a chance to grab an everyday position at the pressing veteran’s expense. “Aubrey is a guy we need,” Bochy said.
~via Baggs

Is there really any need for me to tell you what’s wrong with this? Probably not. Bringing up your star prospect so that he can sit on the bench doing nothing is foolish. Brandon Belt would be better off starting everyday in Fresno. If the front office wanted a pinch-hitter, defensive-first first baseman, left-fielder, defensive replacement type, well, there’s another one sitting in AAA whom we all know rather well. Maybe it’s time to start making “Free Travis Ishikawa” signs.

Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam.

Meanwhile, in a more obvious position to be crucified than Bochy’s managing, there is the Giants “offense”. The offense, without the quotes, basically consists of Freddy Sanchez, Freddy Sanchez, the occasional Nate Schierholtz home run, and um…Ryan Vogelsong? Andres Torres has been pretty okay too, I suppose. The rest of it is Aubrey Huff hitting .223/.280/.346, Miguel Tejada hitting .212/.237/.274, and Aaron Rowand‘s OBP, yet again, being under .300. I’m being slightly unfair, because not everyone has been quite that terrible, but they have hardly done what they’ve been expected to do either.

Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam.

But this is baseball, the Giants are only half a game back in the division as of today, and anything can happen. A non-closing relief pitcher might quietly be building up a legitimately historical season (13.50 K/BB), despite his manager’s reluctance to actually use him. A 33 year old pitcher with no control might morph into one of the top starters in the league. A pair of probably chronic ‘AAAA’ players might spark a few walk-offs. An entire rotation might throw consecutive perfect games. 2002 Barry Bonds might walk out of a time machine. The back-up, back-up catcher might start channeling Willie Mays. An all-glove, no-hit, not ready shortstop prospect might hit the ball really, really hard in his first big league game. It might even leave the park.

Oh wait, some of those aren’t “mights”.

Brandon Crawford hit a grand slam.

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