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Thoughts, notes, and links: Tweety, Crawford, etc.

June 1, 2011
Thoughts before today’s game…
  • You Can’t Predict Baseball has a post up on Ryan Vogelsong. Brilliant stuff, as always. If you click on nothing else in this post, click on that link.
  • As you’ve probably heard, as of the first All-Star ballot count, Buster Posey was winning the vote for starting catcher. He obviously, and sadly, cannot play at the game, but it’s worth noting that on the off-chance he is elected, he will still officially be an All-Star. That means a fancy banner on his Baseball Reference page and everything.  Maybe it’s a little silly, but if there was ever a time for Giants fans to stack up All-Star votes, this is it. Oh, and make sure to vote for Andres Torres while you’re at it. If there is a Giant that deserves an All-Star appearance more than Buster, it’s El Gigante.
  • Blaming last night’s loss on the bullpen is silly. Yes, Sergio Romo finally proved he was mortal, but Bruce Bochy‘s management, yet again, was the real problem. Javier Lopez should never, ever, ever face righties. Ever. Never, never ever. Need I repeat that some more?
  • Brandon Crawford‘s .333/.467/.667 line may not be sustainable but it sure is shiny. I’m sure he’ll come crashing back to Earth at some point, but it’s better he get off to a hot start than a cold one. We hope, that once Pablo Sandoval comes back he’ll continue as the starting shortstop over Miguel Tejada. Once Mike Fontenot returns though, things become a little more squirrelly. We’ll address that when it’s closer to happening.
  • Sergio Romo is still very, very good. I don’t care what he did last night. He has a 0.67 FIP, a 0.72 xFIP, and a 15.43 K/9. Don’t get lost in the “he’s not clutch!” talk. Mutton-chops is one of the best relievers in baseball, and one outing doesn’t change that.

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Thoughts after the game…

It’s rare to have a game where everything goes right. Those are the blow-outs. The no-hitters. The perfect games. The rest of the time, there’s bound to be a missed call, a bad strike or a bloop hit. The offense will fall short, the bullpen won’t be able to shut it down, or the starter will implode. A team has to win anyways, and the Giants haven’t been doing that.

Tonight they did, and it was good to see. The defense blew plays, Tim Lincecum blew a lead, and the offense stranded another 839584 runners. But in the end the boys pulled it together like it seems they haven’t been able to do for ages.

  • In other news, whatever the deal with the lights was, Brian Wilson must have been taking notes when Romo was delayed mid-batter by that umpire in Milwaukee. “Fifteen minute pause? Whatever?”
  • Brandon Crawford. Nate Schierholtz. Emmanuel Burriss. This was a night for the kids.
  • I forgot to link to this up above, but if you didn’t see it already, the Giants have joined the It Gets Better Project in support of LGBT youth. Watch the video and be proud.
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