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Q&A with Justin Fitzgerald

July 26, 2011


It’s our total pleasure to be able to bring to you a Q&A with starting pitcher of the Richmond Flying Squirrels Justin Fitzgerald.  Justin was a 2008 draft pick for the Giants, part of a strong draft class that is already making its mark, and is currently rocking a 3.34 ERA and 1.38 WHIP over 19 games.  We hope you’ll enjoy it, and thank you again to Justin for taking the time to talk to us.

We know you’ve answered this on Twitter before, but for our readers who missed it, who were/are your favorite players and why?

My favorite hitter today is Mike Stanton becuase of the pure punishment he puts on a baseball when he connects. I would love to see a baseball after he got done crushing it has to be lopsided. My favorite pitcher today to watch is Matt Cain. He mixes 4 quality pitches and is not scared to attack hitters with his fastball. I try to attack in similar fashion when I am on the mound.

Tell us a little about your pitch repertoire?  Do you have one in particular that’s your favorite to throw?

My pitch repertoire includes a 4 seam FB, a sinking FB, a spike CB, Slider, and a Changeup… I love throwing my fastball on both sides of the plate busting a guy inside or freezing him away at the knees. But when I really need a K I like to go to my spike Curve.

Some pitchers almost seem like they enjoy working under pressure after getting behind in the count or letting some guys get on base.  Do you think that’s true, or is that just the way it can look from the stands?

We definitely don’t enjoy getting behind in the count or letting guys on base. It means the hitter has the edge. Some guys look like they enjoy it more because they are baring down and giving it everything they got from letting that 2-0 count go to 3-0 or letting that guy on third with two outs score. Its the competitive nature of I am better than you even when my back is against the wall that makes it look like we enjoy working under pressure.

If you could magically have a pitch from a current major leaguer in your own repertoire, whose and what would it be?  

Thats a no brainer. Big Time Timmy Jim Lincecums change up. Its untouchable when it is on.

The Giants have obviously had a lot of success with their drafted pitchers recently, and there’s already talk of having a home grown rotation again in 2013 and beyond. Does this give you more confidence as a prospect or does it add more pressure? Or neither?

You can only control what you can control. You can’t control the players ahead of, the front office, etc. You don’t just play for one team. You are showcasing your skills to all 30 teams because if you don’t happen to make the big leagues with the team that you are drafted by there might be another team that would love to have you in the big leagues. So you just have to have confidence in yourself that you can prove to somebody you belong.

An important question our readers would never forgive us not for asking — when you make the bigs will you wear high socks?

I wear high socks now here in Richmond and did so last year in San Jose. They have done me right so far. I think I am going to have to say I will wear high socks if I ever get a shot in the Big Leagues.

Anything you want to tell the fans about yourself or minor league ball that they don’t already know?

Something that people do not know about minor league ball is the amount of time you spend away from your loved ones whether it be your wife, family, friends. You are constantly around the same group for 5-6 months out of the year. I am huge family man so it gets tough at times when you are on the road and stuck to your hotel room with no one to go to except a phone call.

Thank you again to Justin for sparing us some time and go check him out on Twitter @jfitzgerald31.

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