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Goodbye, 2011 — Bring On 2012

September 28, 2011

It’s almost funny to think of the season being over already, because on a lot of levels it feel like it’s barely begun. All season it’s been “just wait until…”, with the hope of that magic turn around always seeming to be just around the corner. And now, here we are, preparing to put another one in the books.

Baseball is a game of the warm seasons, of hope and renewal and lazy, sun-soaked days, fading into the background as the weather turns gray and damp here in the Bay. But what I’m struck by every season is how I can’t quite let it go when fall rolls around. Already I’m starting to contemplate roster moves for next season, imagining the lineup we all expected to have this year finally coming true with a healthy Buster Posey and Freddy Sanchez, Brandon Belt coming into his own, Nate Schierholtz capitalizing on the momentum from his break out season and some upgraded outfield spots, of seeing Ryan Vogelsong continue his amazing run, of watching Madison Bumgarner continue to realize his potential and absolutely dominate — all those things we hoped to see this season and were cheated out of by the whims of the baseball gods.

So, here’s to 2012. I’ve said “there’s always next year” a hell of a lot in my time as a Giants fan, but it really feels true this year. The Giants had a damn good chance this year going in, before fate took over, and next year really does look like it could be the year we all hoped for. But, that’s what baseball is about in a lot of ways. Hope. Waiting for another Spring, knowing that there’s always the next game, the next series, the next season.

2012: This Time, We’re Playing For Keeps

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