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It’s a bless

December 6, 2011

Andres Torres and Ramon Ramirez for Angel Pagan. Andres Torres for Angel Pagan. Andres Torres for-


It’s not a terrible trade, and it’s not a fantastic one. It’s about as lateral of a lateral, Brian Sabean-esque-lateral-move as there can possibly, laterally be.

And it’s sad. Laterally, parallel-y, pointlessly sad.

The Giants are losing this guy:

…which means I’m pretty sure we ended up on the wrong side of the deal. I can’t think of another player, who in just a few years, was such an inspiring, quotable, ridiculous, Spiderman-y, note-quite-Freddy-Sanchez-face-making, wonderful whirlwind.

Bye Andres. We hope you hit .362/.609/.812 for the next bajillion years, win a dozen more World Series rings, and continue saying “hello” to everyone 9 times a day. If you play for a bajillion years that’s a lot of hellos. You had better get started. Barring that, we’re just glad you had what you had with the Giants, and I probably won’t even complain too much  when you hit 3 triples in a game at AT&T park because you aren’t in the outfield to stop them instead.

“I always said I’ll put some part of the Giants in my heart.”

~Andres the Met Giant (via Andrew Baggarly)


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