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A Postcard From Seattle

June 17, 2012

The Giants lost a game today.

I spent the first five or ten minutes after I got to the ballpark staring at Madison Bumgarner through my dad’s binoculars. Who knew there were so many ways to stretch one’s arms? Then I watched him walk to the bullpen, and I watched Dave Righetti stand next to him with a towel, and as I watched I wondered how it was that I had never seen this before: Dave Righetti standing next to Madison Bumgarner, live, from a squillion feet up and away. The last time I saw Rags he was standing next to Randy Johnson. May the American League fall into ruin and despair.

The Giants lost a game today.

It’s odd, watching Pablo Sandoval and Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford and Buster Posey play baseball. They’re not my age, but they’re getting closer and closer to it. They could be friends, upperclassmen, camp counselors…whatever they are, they certainly aren’t old enough to be my father, like those first Giants teams I knew. Some were rookies, some were minor leaguers and and all were kids in the 2010 post-season when I was in my first quarter of college. That’s the sort of thing that lets you pretend, for a little, cheesy bit, that you’re growing up with them; that this is your team.

The Giants lost a game today.

There were a lot of Giants fans at Safeco, enough to make a couple of “Let’s go, Giants!” chants heard. Three of them were sitting in front me. Two of those were the walking stereotypes that are the cause of all things pink and baseball related. The third talked about Matt Downs and swore for an inning and a half straight when Justin Christian pinch ran for Posey. I may have fallen in love with him on the spot, except I was irrationally excited to see Christian at all. Matt Down’s Guy had good hair, but Christian is on my short list of Shouldn’t-Be-Major-League-Baseball-Players-that-Maiya-Likes-Anyways.

The Giants lost a game today.

Madison Bumgarner. I don’t know how I just managed to write about anyone else for two paragraphs. Madison I’m22andridiculouslyaaaaawesomeandyou’llbemiserableforeverifyoutrytomeasureuptomyaccom plishments Bumgarner. The time that wasn’t spent trying to imprint his wind-up onto the inside of my eyelids was spent watching his ERA steadily tick downwards on the counter across the field. It’s under 3 now. Isn’t that shiny? Eight innings of fffffffffffffffffffffff, and I wouldn’t have traded them for all the Felix Hernandez starts and King’s Court t-shirts in the world.

The Giants lost a game today.

This is not the first time I’ve seen Emmanuel Burriss play second base for the Giants against the Mariners. Try not to think about that too much. The more things change, the more things stay–oh would you look at that, he got a hit. That definitely isn’t something that happened last time. I guess he’s moving up in the world…slowly. Not steadily. Not in a way that makes him a major league player. But we can’t have everything, or apparently, a functional middle infield. Speaking of, Crawford’s hair really is that great, isn’t it? Sorry Matt Downs Guy, but yours doesn’t incite errors! On er, both sides. Double-edged swords and all.

The Giants lost a game today.

The only thing to tear my mind, and eyes, away from Bumgarner was Sergio Romo. I was ecstatic when I saw him the bullpen. I was deeply regretting not bringing a “Romosexual” sign when he came to the mound. I was too busy thinking ROMOROMOROMOROMOROMOROMO when he gave up two hits to actually be that irritated with him. Because, Romo. Also, Romo. And Matt Cain save me because I’m still under the thrall of his 2011 K/BB. The only thing to distract me from that was the desire for a gigantic tablet from which to display this when Javier Lopez came in. Sure, he did that one thing today but he did that other thing that one time and the Baseball Gods have decreed that thou shalt not forget it.

The Giants lost a game today.

Bumgarner pitched eight innings. Hector Sanchez caught them. Sandoval walked on four pitches. Christian stood around on the base paths. Crawford hit the ball. Melky Cabrera hit the ball. Burriss stole a base and advanced on a balk. Angel Pagan caught the 8582238 flies to center field. Posey came out behind the plate to catch a few pitches between innings. Belt wore high socks. Santiago Casilla warmed up in the pen. Nate Schierholtz pinch hit. Cain and Tim Lincecum existed somewhere in the dugout below me. Gregor Blanco caught a ball in right field with the same hands that saved the perfect game.

The Giants lost a game today, and that was bitter. But the Giants played a game today, and that was sweet; because eight and a half hours ago Madison Bumgarner warmed up with Dave Righetti looking on, and I have pictures.

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  1. June 23, 2012 4:55 pm

    Everything you said. Especially about Christian and Burriss, lol. Hearts.

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